If you are located in the Quad Cities or utilize the many resources of the QC for shopping and entertainment, you might have seen the recent campaign “We’re in the Q” for Quad Cities week.  We wanted to share some of our favorite reasons we choose to live in the Quad Cities Area.

Personal Connection – We grew up in the area and without this history might not have been lucky enough to locate the QCA.

Size – The less than 500K metro area allows the QC to feel small enough but allow for lots of great amenities of larger communities.

Weather – We legitimately experience all four seasons here so our families know the fun of swimming and building snowmen.

Amenities & Entertainment – With the resources of more than four communities coming together to create unique offerings, we enjoy a variety of parks/playgrounds, live entertainment like improv comedy, live music and theatre, various children’s attractions (family museum, science museum, and zoo), system of libraries that includes local colleges, minor league and college sports, and variety of types and price points of restaurants.

Proximity to other Destinations – Like many others, we access, have lived in and continue to work in several surrounding communities.  For us, that includes, Aledo, Muscatine, Andalusia, Sherrard, and more.  Destinations like Iowa City, Galena, Peoria and even Chicago are close enough for day trips too.

Services – We are in particular grateful that the QC is large enough to support a variety of services kids with special needs.  The Quad Cities Autism Center for example has been the only ABA provider for several years in a 100 mile radius.  The Children’s Therapy Center has been serving kids (largely at no cost to the families) since the 1950s.

QC Originals – We can’t forget to mention some of our favorite QC built brands like Whitey’s, Happy Joe’s, Boetje’s, and Isabel Bloom.  There are also several amenities available to us purely because John Deere’s International Headquarters are located here.  We particularly enjoy the John Deere Pavilion.

The River – Whether or not you boat on the Mississippi River, it adds a unique feature to our area with the many bridges we utilize going back and forth each day.  We take advantage of the Channel Cat water taxi for leisurely weekend days and enjoy the history the Mississippi has earned in building our country.