1. We love to see people live out their dreams.  Our whole family has followed the 3 year journey of the Bucketlist Family as they traveled the world.  It’s worth it to watch from the beginning until now as they are settling in Hawaii.  You can even catch a couple glimpses of our family in their Week 99 video (6:28 and 12:17)
  2. We should all “work inspired” regardless of our field.
  3. The School of Greatness (Lewis Howe’s podcast) is always inspiring and leaves us thinking.  Check out “Heal Your Body with Your Mind”.
  4. We discovered a Disney film that teaches about mindset and educated our kids about an area of the world about which we are not very knowledgeable.  Queen of Katwe makes a great Family Movie Night and is available on Netflix right now. 
  5. We’re excited to try most these salad dressing options to keep us packing a lunch salad.  We like to use a veggie tray or multi-opening lunch container to hold all of the pre-cut salad favorites (hard boiled eggs, carrots, olives, bacon, red onion, etc.)